August 26th, 2011

Today's the day! KISS on Spotify, iTunes and WiMP. As you can see, this is the Deluxe Version, we give you 2 extra tracks, "Get Real" and "Zito, Where Are You?".


August 19th, 2011

Digital release of Kids In Satanic Service, our very first album, August 26th!

All the good people at Astma Records are happier than a bunny in a bundle of hay these days. Being able to bring new life to this underrated norwegian classic, means the world to us. This is where it all started guys. The first full length album from the mighty warriors of Hadeland. Behind, quite possibly, the worst album cover EVER in the history of album covers, lies a gem that's going to shine like a beacon in in the dark, dark rectum of modern music. Forever.

Ok, let's rephrase that. THIS is the best record you're gonna buy this year. Period.

One last try; if you don't buy this, we hate you. Ok? And, of course, it comes with a couple of bonus tracks. This is Astma Records, remember? We always do that.


August 10th, 2011

August 26th, the moose returns...


July 18th, 2008


May 8th, 2008


April 23rd, 2008

Wonderfools will celebrate the release of "Too Late To Die Young"
at Last Train, Oslo on May 15th!!

C.c. nothing...


April 11th, 2008

Check out the first music video from our upcoming album:

Never Gonna Make It:

Thanks alot to Ola Refsnes for editing!!


March 25th, 2008

Check for "Too Late To Die Young"
release dates.

This site will be updated soon.


September 4th, 2007

Here's our perfomance of Last Night On Earth, found on the Bhse
Onkelz - Vaya Con Tioz DVD, enjoy! Punkrock in front of that many
people should be forbidden, but we sure had a blast. Thanks again
to the Onkelz for one of the best parties we ever saw.

(Ps: You can find the Alcohol video if you scroll down to the news of
May 8th 2004)


September 4th, 2007

September 6th we'll arrive in Cagliari, Sardinia, for the 2nd time
this year! We had a blast last time we were there and we can't
wait to get back. We really hope to see all our friends from last time,
so all you Sardinians out there, just find us where we are. If you don't
have the chance to come to one of the concerts, just hook up with us
in a pub instead, I'm sure GoG will be helpful and tell you where we

See you soon!


August 29th, 2007


August 15th, 2007

Wonderfools str p scena p Kloppstock klokka 21.00 p lrdag!

F med deg Anton Ruud and the Wrong Way Home klokka 19.50 ogs.


July 14th, 2007

We're coming back to Sardinia! September 8th we're playing at
Corto Maltese (Spiaggia Poetto) with Gods of Gamble and Thee STP.


July 14th, 2007

Vi spiller p Kloppstock 18. august!

Dette er siste gangen for Kloppstock, og Wonderfools er klare for gravl.
Ta med alle du kjenner og kom, la den siste bli den beste! Vi skal gjre
vrt iallefall.


March 26th, 2007

Tomorrow morning we're getting up way too early to catch the plane
to Cagliari, Italy. Many of you Cagliarians have contacted us these
last few days, and we're really looking forward to meet you all over
a few beers. So thanks to all you guys that have already made us feel
welcome, and a special thanks to Fabio, Fabrizio and the rest of Gods
of Gamble for organizing everything.

See you tomorrow!!


March 1st, 2007

Our new album will be titled "Too Late To Die Young"!

The first song from the upcoming album, "Thinking Of Something
Mean To Say", is now on our myspace site.


March 1st, 2007

The DVD from the Bhse Onkelz' Vaya con Tioz festival
in 2005 has hit no. 1 in the German long play charts, which
means... Wonderfools has reached no. 1 in Germany!!!

For those of you that has forgot, we were opening act on friday,
and we're on the DVD with "Last Night On Earth" from that set
plus a small interview.

We wanna give our biggest thanks to the Onkelz for the invitation,
it was the best party ever.

You can see the trailer on the Bhse Onkelz homepage


February 28th, 2007


November 22nd, 2006

Wonderfools are coming to Sardinia, Italy!

Here's the program for the mini/promo tour:

28 march 2007
Radio Press Cagliari: Interview

29 march 2007
Showcase at Zimbra Records Store (Cagliari)

30 march 2007
Live Concert At Sleepwalker Club (Guspini)
/w Gods of Gamble

31 march 2007
Live Concert at TiTTy Twister Club (Cagliari)
/w Gods of Gamble

Thanks a lot to Fabio for setting this up for us!!

We'll be back with more news, concerning both this tour
and the upcoming album release.


November 22nd, 2006


November 22nd, 2006

Sjekk ut Kvegpels p Radio Nova idag fra 18:30!

Aleksander Schau, Tomas Dahl og Joakim mimrer om 10 r med
Wonderfools. Vi skal spille nytt og gammalt uutgitt materiale og
kanskje en godlt eller to.

FM 99.3 hvis du bor i Oslo, eller for alle som bruker
PC'en som radio.


October 28th, 2006

Wonderfools 10 year anniversary party!!

Wonderfools will celebrate this great achievement on Elm Street, Oslo,
November 24th. To get the proper feeling of these 10 years, we have
invited all previous members of the band to join us for the live show.
Incredibly, they all accepted our invitations. We will play songs from
all releases in the history of the band, from "Get Real" (1996) to
"Future Classics" (2004). We will start in the present and move back
in time. Here's the running order:

Wonderfools 2006 - "Doing Their Duty..." and "Future Classics"
Current line-up

Wonderfools 1999 - "Kids In Satanic Service"
Tomas Dahl, Zugly, Alex "The Swede", Joakim

Wonderfools 1996 - "Get Real" plus surprise
Tomas Dahl, Zito, Zugly

You're all welcome to join us for the biggest party in Wonderfools'
history. Presents will be accepted.


October 28th, 2006

The album is nearly finished! We've been recording for a couple of
months, and we're extremely happy with the result. Now it just needs
the finishing touches of mastering and art work to be ready. The release
will be early next year, but we haven't set a date for it yet.


August 21st, 2006

We start recording our new album today! We've booked Toproom Studios,
which is on the countryside close to Grua, for a month. Brge Finstad
and Tomas Dahl (our previous singer, check out his stuff here) are gonna
help us make it a good one.


May 31st, 2006

Wonderfools + Dead Sheriff at Garage Oslo, June 10th!!

Hope to see you there


May 12th, 2006

Joakim cleaned up his old mobile phone and found these great memories
from Germany 2004 and 2005.

This is the posters on the door of our dressing room backstage
at Lausitz last summer.

This is one of the venues from the 2004 B.O. tour.

We are coming to Germany for a B.O. revival festival June 16th.
More info TBA.


May 9th, 2006

We've decided to let Andreas Tellefsen make the artwork for our coming
album. We will start recording in August. Andreas is known around the
world for this:

Check out for some more of his art.


January 13th, 2006

Happy New Year everybody!

We haven't started recording our new album yet, as we're still making
songs for it. We haven't set a date for it yet since we wanna use as
much time as it takes to make the best possible album.

Meanwhile, enjoy a taste from "Future Classics"

Secrets And Lies


July 29th, 2005

Gigs section updated: We'll play at Club 112 in Kirkegata, Oslo
on September 29th. This will probably be our last gig until we finish
our next album. We'll start recording in January! So pack your bags
and come to Oslo, we promise you a good time.


July 29th, 2005

Hey people! We're currently spending our time writing a lot of new
songs, working on our 4th album. We're having a great time with it,
and can't wait for the release. We're gonna use more time with this
one, we've always done this stuff quite fast, so we want to work
harder and see what happens.

The Hangin In Hangin Out video is still in the cutting room, waiting
to be finished, and we promise to make it available asap.

Even though we're working on new songs, we're still playing concerts,
so feel free to check out the gigs-section.


June 1st, 2005

Hi all! We're soon off for Germany, and we really look forward
to see all you crazy Germans again... We're still working on the
Hangin In Hangin Out video, it just took a bit longer than expected
to get it done. We also got some more gigs coming up, so check
out the Gigs-section from time to time.


March 18th, 2005

Hi everybody! The documentary from the B.O.-tour is now available
HERE There's a link on that page called "Lydverket 16.03.05". You'll
have to register with a username and so on, and it's all in norwegian,
but we know you guys are smart enough to handle it. Feel free to
direct any questions to


March 18th, 2005

Takk for fantastisk tilbakemelding p dokumentaren! Mange har
sprsml om hvor man fr tak merchandise og skivene vre. Om
dere ikke har lyst til mase p den lokale CD-sjappa deres, er et bra alternativ. Merchandise kan bla. kjpes HER

Ps: For de som ikke fikk med seg onsdagens sending er det
reprise idag, p NRK2 klokka 20.05


March 12th, 2005

The Wonderfools documentary from the Bhse Onkelz tour will be
aired on the show "Lydverket" on the norwegian TV-station NRK1
this wednesday (March 16th)!!!

The show is normally available on the NRK web pages shortly after
airing. We'll be back with a direct link as soon as possible.


February 8th, 2005

We're making a video for "Hangin In Hangin Out"!
We hope to get it ready sometime in March, so keep your eyes open!


February 8th, 2005

Happy new year everyone!
Good news for Germany: We're coming back to join die Bhsen Onkelz
for their final show on the Eurospeedway Lausitzring!


November 29th, 2004

We're celebrating the "Future Classics" release in Oslo on Thursday!
Check out the Gigs-section for more info.

Special guests: Bercedes Menz


October 21st, 2004

Our new album "Future Classics" will be released in Norway (TUBA)
on monday (October 25th) and in Sweden (Sound Pollution) in early November.
Celebrations of this event in Stockholm and Oslo will be announced
in the Gigs-section.

October 19th, 2004

Picture section updated!
We have a lot of pictures from the tour, check them out!
Feel free to send us pictures from our concerts/parties,
we'll put them here if they're cool...


October 14th, 2004

We're back in Oslo now, kinda worn out after the tour...
Thanks to all the people who supported us at the shows
and especially the BO-crew for all the good times.
We hope to come back soon!

The homepage will be updated as soon as we get hold of all the pictures,
so stay tuned!!


August 25th, 2004

We're leaving for Germany tonight! Scheduled to be in
Kreuth early in the morning on the 27th.

Our new album called "Future Classics" will be released
in Germany next week, and will be available on the concerts.
The album will be released in Norway and the rest of Europe
in October.

See you!!!


July 30th, 2004

We're almost finished recording our third studio album!
Only a few last touches, and we're ready to go. The album
will be released as soon as humanly possible, and we're still
working with the great guys at Wild Kingdom in Stockholm.

More news on this matter will be announced.


May 8th, 2004

Take a look at the "Alcohol" video, made a couple of years ago...


May 7th, 2004

Here's some songs from "Doing Their Duty To The Nightlife". Enjoy!

Alcohol Ebony Queen
(Mp3 - 128 Kbps)


April 30th, 2004

Breaking news!!! It's finally official!
The Wonderfools are supporting the german band "Böhse Onkelz" on their
2004 tour this autumn. More info to come. Meanwhile, visit the "Böhse Onkelz"-
homepage at


January 6th, 2004

The album is finally in the stores!!! Better late than never...
Tomorrow we are heading for the Netherlands with Silver and Thulsa Doom!
We will also play one show in Germany.
Be there!


December 2nd, 2003

Breaking News! The Wonderfools Official Homepage up and running!
Still more goods to come: lyrics, member skills, livepics, backstage footage and last but not least: tourdates.

Our new album titled: The Wonderfools - Doing Their Duty To The Nightlife
which was set to be released november 24. is currently delayed in Sweden,
but will soon be available in record stores near you.

The album will be destributed by Tuba in Norway, Sound Pollution in Sweden, Zomba in Germany and Audioglobe in Italy.